Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am sitting here at corner bakery trying to read, but I cant. So I guess I'll blog.

As I said in my last blog I love listening to books on tape, or I guess they are called audio books now. Last month the Narnia series was on sale on iTunes for only $9.99! All 7 books unabridged!! I am sad to say that I haven't ever read the entire series. A few years ago I read, "Magicians Nephew"and "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe". I have been meaning to read the rest but haven't made the time for it. So now I am listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on my iPhone while I drive.

I am up to, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, and after leaving circles yesterday I was driving out to the Long Beach area to meet some friends for dinner. I got to the part in the story where they meet Ramandu, the fallen star, and his daughter. When Ramandu tells them that he is a star Eustace says that in his world starts are balls of burning gas. The star responds to this by saying...

“that is what they are made of, not what they are.”

-C. S. Lewis “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

I don't know why that struck such a deep cord with me but it did! It stirs something very deep in my heart and mind.It's both thought provoking and beautiful. I guess it made me think of God's intent and purpose for things. How His intentional He is. I suppose that this is the best type of beauty, something that isn't just nice to look at. Something that needs you to dwell on it, something that stirs and challenges you.

So I guess you could say that that is the prettiest pretty there is.


  1. What a simple post yet so provoking to the heart. I was really happy to read this because I am one who needs much reminder of this. Naturally I am programmed to focus on the past, on things I have done, things I wish I didn't do... There are times that I just DWELL so deep in the past and it can eat at me. For instance something that has hugly affected my life and is something I really struggle with is the loss of my grandmother (Bennie, is what we called her). She passed away of breast cancer and I have to always remind myself that the breast cancer is winning when I reflect only on the death of my grandmother but not on the life of her. And my Mom said something to me one day. She said; "Breast cancer is a part of Bennie, it doesn't define WHO she is". And I use that phrase now in everything and as simple of a concept it is, its one I often forget. I tell myself all the time when I dwell "that test score is a part of my grade, it isn't my overall grade". "Anxiety and depression was a part of building me, it doesn't define me". So C.S. Lewis's "this is what they're made of, its not what they are" couldn't be more true of a statement for ALL areas of our lives, experinces, test scores, and all. Such a great reminder, thanks Frank. I'm going to remember this because I know the day will come when I need to reread your post :)

  2. That is such a great reminder of flesh vs. spirit. We as humans are made of flesh, we walk around in this body which looks one way...but that is not who we are. We are spirit. We are soul. We are children of God. Thanks for this beautiful truth!

  3. that's such a cool CS Lewis quote dude. I love it

  4. We are made of dust, but we are so much more. Thanks Frank.

    And thanks interesting how this post struck a chord in you. This is the beauty of Circles, my friends!

  5. yeah it reminds me of the C.S Lewis quote: "you're not a body that has a soul, you're a soul that has a body."

    or something like that... haha

  6. I have been meaning to finish those books for years! I use to read all the time and I'm just now getting back to it. Thanks for encouraging my next series of choice.

  7. pretty amazing. thanks for sharing!

  8. Sweet. I had to just kind of soak that in for a few minutes after reading your post...and probably for the rest of the evening. Thanks for sharing.