Friday, January 28, 2011

New Seasons...

I was debating whether or not to start a new blog or just continue posting on my old one. I decided that this commitment I am making with CIRCLES deserves it's own space. So here I am making a blog dedicated CIRCLES. Expect some cross pollination of my blogs. I try and pot my church notes each week other blog so I expect ill do the same here. I suppose I will post some of my blog's from here onto there as well. Well now I am rambling, so forgive me.

Things about me...
I am always drawing, so please forgive me if you see me drawing in a meeting or at Church. It actually helps me listen better.
I love coffee.
I am dyslexic and cant spell to save my life.
A surefire way to cheer me up and put a huge grin on my face is to show me something cat related. I was obsessed with cats a child, and I kind of carried a lot of that into adulthood.
Huge comic nerd.
Been to J.K. Rowling's house.
Taught High School Art for a year.
I was in G.A.T.E. (smart kids) and R.S.P. (remedial class) at the same time as a child.
I love books on tape.

And I suppose we can get to know each other more over the next 8 months. I am stoked about that I LOVE meeting people. Expect this blog to be a peek into my head. The Lord speaks to me a lot through my thought life, so when he shares a bit of wisdom with me I will put it on here. Blogs make awesome sounding boards. And don't be surprised if I post drawing on here, I tend to do that. And when I get home I'll prolly decorate this blog.


  1. Deep thoughts and creativity. Right up my alley.

  2. It was great to meet you last night!! And thank you for your kind words about my name =) Looking forward to this journey!!

  3. I can't draw to save my life. My best attempt of drawing a person always ends up looking like a gingerbread man. I can draw on a latte tho =)

    Latte Pac Man:

  4. Um... a few things

    I like cats too and had several growing up but I think its great that you shared this about yourself.
    I think its really cool that you have been to J.K Rowling's house. ( Harry Potter audio books are THE BEST audio books ever...the voice is so great.) But my husband just said you are huge into Harry Potter so you "prolly" already knew that. Oh well...just know that I am a fan as well.