Friday, February 11, 2011

The Joy Bringers

Okay, as I stand on a third floor balcony overlooking the beautiful grounds of the studio that I am blessed to work at I am about to out myself. I hope you orbiters, slices, circlers, etc appreciate this...

I know I mentioned in a previous blog that I love cats, and well its super true (not that there are degrees to truth, I am just being dramatic with a bit of whimsy for effect). This week I wasn't sure what to blog about. I even had another life drawing session at work and thought, "Maybe the Lord shall speaketh again!" No dice. Then my mind wondered back this video, my good friend Nick posted this on my Facebook wall earlier in the week. It made a good day even better! I don't know what it is about cats that bring me such unbridled joy, but they do. I am sure it's joy, not just happiness. Even on a bad day cats can claw their way right through that negative circumstance and bad mood and bring me a smile. Nothing changed other than the fact that I had a smile.

I could make some lame attempt to make this video more relevant by saying that I posted this as an illustration on how we need to slowdown and really look at things. While that is true, that isn't the reason this kitten is on my blog this week. I posted it b/c for some reason the Lord has put a deep appreciation for cats in me. Why? I don't know, and I am not even sure I care to know. But what I do know is that this is a path the Lord has used in the past to get me to smile when I didn't want to, and comfort when I didn't have any peace.

Long story short Cat's are one of my Joy Bringers. What is your Joy Bringer?


  1. Chicken and shoes.... I wish I was joking ;-) I often refer to them as my simple joys. It's true that God gives us small pleasures in these things. And he's made us all so different! I'm so allergic to cats, that I have been to the hospital too many times because of those cute little creatures. But That's ok, because I'm not allergic to chicken... or shoes! Thanks for the smile :-)

  2. This video reminds me of the lion king.. Anyways, my joy bringer would be playing with little kids and movies.

  3. Some things are best when they're complete mysteries. One of my joy-bringers is this smell that takes me back to childhood. It's the smell of a certain clover or grass or something. I don't really want to know what it is exactly because the magic might be gone. When I catch that scent in the summer air I am transported back to my childhood growing up in the woods of Michigan. Each time Karen and I move (which has been many times) I'm afraid that scent won't follow us. But then, at an unexpected moment, with the car wndows rolled down I'll catch it. And I am surprised by joy.

  4. I hate cats. Sorry. But, I fully agree-let us be joy-bringers, and atmosphere-changers for Christ!

  5. Wow, that is a great video... That cat reminds me more of a little tiger than the more docile house cats I've been around lately!

    Unexpected grocery discoveries are one of my joy-bringers. Something like cherries unexpectedly on sale. Or a long-forgotten cereal...

    Thanks for the post, and the reminder that joy just kind of happens

  6. So cool! definitely wish my eyes watched everyday things like that!

  7. Cats are all right. I need more joy in my life... I feel joyful when I see God moving in people's lives...brings hope and joy.

  8. ahhhh this is HILARIOUS. Seriously, laughing out loud.

    I had a run-in with a mouse earlier this week... it was horrible... and it really made me want to keep a cat with me at all times. It is so ironic that I am reading this now.

    P.S. why were you drawing keys in session on Saturday. I have become slightly obsessed with keys (has to do with a prophetic word over me). Anyways, tell me already. :) It would be easier if you posted it to blog... I don't go back and read blogs again... I wish there was an alert when someone responds to a blog you posted on... kinda like Facebook.

    Okay, done. Thank you for these thoughts. I love laughter.